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   I give new players into new games [10/04/19 04:59AM]   
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The way they sell this manner, I am wondering if this is finally a sports game that I really get. I believe I have one Tiger Woods game quite a while before, and even non sports lovers get racing games. There's an NHL game someplace and everybody has noticed old NBA Jam games. But I have mainly played Mario sports games and even then it had been years ago. I'm very interested by MLB The Show 19 Stubs today for some reason.omg same blossom commenters hope for the feminine. Fck sound like same damm commenter. Change the damm commenters man had same dude for last 10yrs lmfao. I ain't spending money with this sht. They just tweaked it a little that is it. Fcking Madden make more improvements afterward fcking Mlb the show. Same sht each year. It's not realistic same sht as last year.

I know your frustrations with all the commentary but you've got to be high to think Madden makes more improvements than MLB the show.19 nevertheless bullsht, only lil bit more tweaks still same sht as 18, these realistic matches and mlb 19 nevertheless behind. Not that sensible. Still missing alot of items out of realistic baseball.

I still am annoyed that there is no season manner, he said that some of us dont like to play full seasons, thats right, however in 17 like all the other ones previously (except 18 wich I didnt get) you had the option for shorten seasons, to me its the best of both worlds, thers no reason they cant add it in this season, it'd make me buy it now if it had been there, because is im not sure weather or not im gonna buy it, complete seasons have been jut too long and I dont enjoy the franchise nonsense!!! Place the ability in,I am a long time fan but like last year probably not this year !!

What I want to teach you and the main reason I am teaching you is since no one plays because they don't know this. I always give new players into new games that a descent trick to MLB The Show 19 so they can go off of that and shield themselves . Nobody likes getting stomped on. So here is the trick the tip is the left analog joystick would be to cock back your bat or your swing. So just cock back into the left if a right handed batter and struck swing in a fantastic moment.

Terrible graphics (looks like a PS3 game) dreadful looking lovers in stands. All Mlb faces ought to be 3d scanned same dull announcers saying the very same things.... It's 2019 now cmon put some effort into this it is becoming just like Madden every year.Why isn't Goal field upgraded yet! The big Minnesota emblem in centre field is completely gold at night and has been for the past 3 years... Targer centre in appropriate field has had completely different wood panel Sideing for the previous 2/3 years now... last year one of the new features was bleachers in which they're supposed to be well still no bleachers in left field even tho they have been there since 2010....

Because obviously not like you there is people who love baseball and the show is the ideal representation of MLB The Show 19 of baseball made by a video game company.Look, I will realize your mistake but you're wrong.

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