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   The social media machine of 2K [10/10/19 02:42AM]   
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Some fans want to try MyTeam, but the aspect that NBA 2K20 MT is online is a deterrent -- at least for now. More players to try MyTeam online might entice. It could be the equivalent of a cell app.MyTeam's version is dream, so not the players all have to be actual NBA guys from present or the past? Could you imagine if a fictional Pink Diamond participant was released each month equipped with a backstory, a signature appearance, etc? The social media machine of 2K could have a ball conducting articles showing and teasing the character each month.

Hardcore MyTeam players may relate to the segment and the next, but it is worth mentioning in the event that you spend any time at the Auction House. When seeking a player or group, it'd be great if you could filter out the results to exclude or add the gamers that you own.If I'm seeking the second Diamond Dwyane Wade, but I have the other in my collection, showing me equally makes the scrolling process longer and more tedious. If I could check a box that says"show me cards which aren't in my group," it'd be helpful.Sometimes, there are a ton of results in an Auction search.

Can it be too much to ask to have a progression bar that indicates how you need to scroll before you reach the end of the list? A sorting choice by rating, max bid, and more would also make this process easier.MyTeam's popularity and 2K's sometimes faulty servers aren't a good mix. An influx of visitors because of locker code salvation, or some other campaign can cause crashes which result in missed chances to redeem more. Evidently, the fix here would be to strengthen the servers to limit or remove these instances.

I realize that is a endeavor that is challenging. I do think the support provided could be a bit better. I have had similar problems with MyTeam this past year and have not received much aid after submitting a ticket.Piggybacking on the preceding issue with something more specific, I have noticed that you won't always get credit for finishing some of the Goals required to unlock tokens and MyTeam performance. It's a drag when you're attempting to go the route, although I'm not positive if that is a server issue or only a mode malfunction.

Contracts are annoying and serve no function beyond filling packs. I would rather them endure an entire season if contracts are crucial. Perhaps a effort could be made up by 30 or 20 games. At the conclusion of your seasons, you need to decide which players you would like to lock up for a different year. The ones that you don't sign aren't useable for the next 20-30 games but remain part of your collection buy mt coins.

Perhaps you should have to become a Hall of Famer or even first-ballot inductee. Since it is, it takes away from significance and immersion and seems random. If the GOs were Shaquille O'Neal, Wilt Chamberlain (he does have one), Michael Jordan, Jerry West, respectively, it would be much more impacting.




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